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What is the difference between a pre-school/daycare program and a traditional nursery school like The VNS?

Two main differences between a traditional nursery school and a preschool/day care is the duration of the day and the age of the children in the program. Our programs are only for children aged 3 to 5 and the schedule is designed to provide a quality and appropriate length of time in the classroom as well as an age-appropriate curriculum.

What is The VNS's educational approach?

We follow the philosophy that children learn through play.  The environment is warm and nurturing to encourage children to develop at their own pace. The curriculum is designed to include all areas of development and is driven by the student’s interests.  As the demands of kindergarten increase, our 4s and Pre-k program also carefully move children towards readiness in the areas of literacy, math and science.

What behaviors does The VNS encourage?

Our teachers encourage age-appropriate social behaviors, such as cooperation, taking turns, and respect for others. Children are also encouraged to develop self-help skills, such as washing hands, taking care of toys and materials used in the classroom, and picking up after themselves.

Does The VNS take field trips?

Yes! We make local community visits to the library and fire station as well as season field trips to places such as local pumpkins patches, farms and parks. 

Does The VNS offer outdoor activities?

Yes! Our outdoor play is in a fenced-in play area where children can develop large motor skills and engage in cooperative play during school, weather permitting. 

How do I know if my child is ready for pre-school?

We believe the answer can be found in your response to two simple questions. First, is your child able to follow two-step directions? And, secondly, is he or she fully potty trained?

What are the requirements for The VNS's 3-year-old class?

This class is for children who will be three years of age by January 1st of the year following enrollment in school. The three’s program is designed to focus heavily on children’s social and emotional development.  The structure of the day encourages self-help skills, listening skills, and social skills. The goal for the three’s program is for children to create new friendships and bonds with others as well as enjoy being a part of a new community. To further promote social skills for the students in this program, the teachers offer an optional weekly lunch bunch at a small additional cost. It is available on Thursdays from 11:30-12:30, beginning mid-year. For more information about the 3-year old class, please click here to view the 3-year-old class summary.

What are the requirements for The VNS's 4-year-class?

This class is for children who will be four years of age by January 1st of the year following enrollment in school. The four’s program is designed to prepare our students for kindergarten -- but there is still a focus on social-emotional development, but students are also introduced to more kindergarten readiness activities. These include writing, literacy, math, science and social studies. Please click here to view the 4-year-class summary.

What are the requirements for The VNS's Pre-K class?

This class is for children who will be five years of age by May 1st of the year following enrollment in school. The Pre-K class is for kindergarten preparation, recommended for older children and those children who may benefit from an extra year before kindergarten. We believe extra time allows children to work more on these skills in more depth while also giving them more time to play and grow socially and academically. Please click here to view the Pre-K class summary.

How does The VNS prepare my child for kindergarten?

We want children to enjoy coming to school -- and hope for children to go off to Kindergarten with the social skills that allow them to follow directions, confidently take chances, self-advocate, and build healthy relationships.  At The VNS, children are given opportunities to develop physical, cognitive, creative expression, and social emotional skills. Early literacy, writing, math, science and social studies are all a part of our curriculum. 

How is The VNS able to address the needs of each individual leader while maintaining class consistency?

Each child at VNS is encouraged to develop at their own pace.  The curriculum is designed to give children the opportunity to take any activity to the next level. While planning the curriculum  teachers focus on the groups needs and interests, but will present it in various ways to touch upon the individual child’s learning style.

Still have questions? Download our quick-reference program guide. And, as always, feel free to contact us.

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