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What is VNS doing in light of the most recent COVID-19 surge to keep our kids healthy?


Cohorting.  Since returning from winter break, our classes are being kept completely separate- no intermingling of children from different classes, including outside play time.   



Air filtration.  HEPA filters are being used in our current airflow system.  Windows will be kept open as much as possible.  Please make sure your child has layers for comfort during our school day!


Cleaning and Handwashing.  We will continue our current practices of diligent cleaning and disinfecting as well as frequent hand washing.

We are following the same protocols as Farmington Public Schools.

Will these recommendations and mitigation strategies change?


Yes, absolutely, and we hope they do as this COVID-19 surge calms. We continue to monitor guidance from the FVHD and other authorities, and the evolving situation in our broader community.  Unfortunately, that is the ever-changing nature of this pandemic.  We thank all our families for being flexible and adaptable.  Our top priority is keeping your children healthy and safe, but also happy and connected.  We will continue to use various forms of communication (email, notices in your child’s folder, our website, and our social media pages) to keep everyone abreast to any change to our policies as quickly as possible.     

Updated 8/4/22

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