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During our many years of in the Farmington community, we've had the pleasure of teaching hundreds of children.  Here's what some of our current and former students and parents have to say about us.

"The Village Nursery School is a warm, welcoming community that has been perfect for my children. My son and daughter have each thrived under the tutelage of the experienced teachers. Friendships are formed, independence is fostered and kindergarten readiness is achieved. I couldn't be happier with my choice." -- Emily Kaliney

"The teachers at the Village Nursery School do a wonderful job incorporating learning and fun into all their daily activities.  My daughter couldn't wait to go to school each day, and she developed so much socially and academically." -- Jessica Lecours

"I liked the games and we got to play on the playground in the really big sandbox.” -- Anna, 2015

"The Village Nursery School has been the perfect fit for my daughter. My husband and I were looking for a "one room classroom" feel - a school that had educated teachers who were about developing and nurturing children. Our daughter attended the 4's class last year and is in the Pre-K class this year. She has developed friendships, while becoming more confident and her knowledge of all things kindergarten is amazing! She is able to identify and write all her letters, she adds and subtracts, loves reading and has been writing letters to friends at school. I know for sure that my daughter has built a wonderful foundation of enjoying school and learning. I couldn't be happier with our choice of Village Nursery!" -- Kimberly Haidinger

"I miss making things with my teacher and working together. I love Mrs. Hannon and Mrs. Van Hoof. But I don't know who's my favorite girl!" -- Marshall, 2015

"The Village Nursery School has helped prepare all three of my children for kindergarten and beyond. The foundation they received at VNS has been invaluable and they continue to love school because of the amazing start they had at this wonderful school. The teachers create a nurturing environment where the children can learn and grow. The time my children spent at VNS helped shaped the students they have become today." -- Kelly Sardinas


"We discovered the VNS when our first pre-school fell through -- but we soon discovered there could not have been a more perfect fit for our twin boys. The teachers fostered a bond with them that allowed these two to blossom in ways we hadn't ever imagined. The ladies were encouraging and supportive of their progress at every turn, and we will forever see their influence in each new achievement our boys make."

-- Sonya Kix

They have a really nice playground and have a Halloween parade, which is really fun, and you get to do lots of fun crafts. -- Luke, 2014

“I felt completely comfortable leaving my children with such great teachers.  The entire VNS community fosters a remarkably warm and loving environment.” -- Todd Hodgman


"I loved the toys, the kitchen, the block center, and the teachers are really nice and their names are Mrs Hannon and Mrs Van Hoof." -- Nola, 2016


"I really liked having centers. You got to have free play. They have a corner filled with books and I love to read!” -- Evie, 2015

"I love Mrs. Hannon and Mrs. Van Hoff so much. Last year, I went to that school. That's so cool. I just want to go there because I miss them." -- Walker, 2015

"Both of my children attended VNS and I am very pleased with the programs, teachers and overall experience. Each program is age appropriate, designed with both structured and unstructured activities to foster an environment where my children have developed a strong foundation and a love for learning. Along with academics, the programs also focus on social development, which is equally important during these formative years. The teachers are truly wonderful, giving so much of themselves to ensure a positive experience for all of the students." -- Kristin Conover

“Village Nursery School was fun because we could play, I guess.” -- Zoey, 2015

"I can't speak highly enough about our years at the Village Nursery School. The teachers are nurturing, knowledgeable, creative, and constant. The classroom is bright, fun, stimulating, and clean. The teachers, parents, and children, together, create a loving and supportive community that is the Village Nursery School." -- Staci Gerace

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